Plant & Equipment

CoastFin can help you make the right decision with plant and equipment finance options. Our accreditation with all the major lending institutions in Australia means we can source the cheapest rates possible on all plant and equipment.

Buying plant and equipment with cash can tie up valuable working capital and bank loans and overdrafts can be used to generate the funds required, but they usually require some form of real estate security.

By leasing plant and equipment, you preserve your working capital, and, in most cases, no additional security is required. Considerable tax advantages may be available, and the term of the finance can be matched to the expected life of the asset, with fixed rates and the flexibility of structured payments to give you additional peace of mind.

  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Fixed Interest Rate for the life of the loan
  • Claim back the GST (Chattel Mortgage – refer to your accountant)
  • Select a balloon option to reduce monthly repayment amounts
  • Private sales OK
  • No Deposit OK
  • Tax benefits
  • Tailored repayments to suit cash flow trends

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