Car Loans

Whether you are looking to upgrade to a new car, purchase your first motor vehicle, pick up an additional vehicle, or finally bite the bullet and buy that dream car, CoastFin can match you to the right car finance solution to suit both your lifestyle and budget.

When comparing rates on competitive car finance loans, you need to know you can rely on a broker that is experienced, professional and understands the current market. CoastFin not only work with Australia’s most trusted financial institutions, our qualified brokers and consultants will take the time to explain the many different finance options to you, giving you peace of mind that you are making the right decision.

We understand that purchasing a vehicle can be stressful experience and our goal is to make that experience as fast and as stress-free as possible so that can get behind the wheel of your new ride sooner.

Similarly, we have options for funding the purchase of motorbikes and scooters, caravans, campervans, boats and jet skis.

  • Secured Personal Car Loan A secured loan can utilise the vehicle being purchased as the security for the new loan. Typically, there are restrictions on the type and age of the vehicle that you are purchasing under this type of finance but can have lower interest rates than unsecured personal loans.
  • Unsecured Personal Car Loan Personal car loans that are unsecured give you the flexibility on the purchase of what type and age of the vehicle you are seeking but can attract a higher interest rate.
  • Balloon Payments We know that everyone’s circumstances are different, so we can tailor your loan facility with some lenders allowing a balloon payment. This option allows you to have lower monthly payments and then a larger payment at the end of the loan term called a balloon payment.

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